sunbird / flora infused balm

sunbird / flora infused balm

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NEW FORMULA! We have added three new wholesome skin loving herbs!


This blend has been carefully curated with pasture raised tallow and organic jojoba oil that’s been gently infused with nutrient dense organic herbs grown on small U.S. family farms. Made with the most sensitive skin in mind, each ingredient is packed with antioxidants and nutrients to hydrate and heal. It carries a light floral, lemon scent. This blend is perfect for all over body hydration as well as delicate skin such as the face. 

**The balm option is a more condensed, salve like consistency that works wonderful on smaller areas for treating inflammatory spots or for face only.

Ingredients: grassfinished tallow*, cold-pressed jojoba oil*, calendula*, rose*, German chamomile*, lemon balm*, tulsi basil*


Scent: earthy, floral

2oz amber glass jar

Note: Consistency may vary from transit in varying temperatures, allow your Tallow Whip to adjust to room temperature. Texture, smell and color may vary slightly from batch to batch as this is a completely natural product.  

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