Tallow is rendered beef fat. We use suet fat which is fat found around the kidneys, loins and heart. The suet fat has higher nutrients and less poly unsaturated fatty acids. It is harder, cleaner and ideal for skincare.

Quality is the number one priority when sourcing each ingredient in our apothecary. We prioritize local whenever possible and all of our tallow is made using Colorado suet from a regenerative grass finished ranch. How we render our tallow is a hugely important part of our process as we do a unique, traditional method that allows nutrients to remain intact while reducing odor.

Our herbs are primarily sourced from local or USA grown herbs from small farms. Whenever those are not available, we source from internationally grown but they must either be ethically wildcrafted or certified organic.

Our few essential oil products are made using Plant Therapy essential oils and are organic whenever they are available.

Product questions

Tallow is a primarily saturated fat and therefore changes its consistency with temperature. In transit, your tallow whip may have changed consistency a bit and should resume to a whipped silky consistency once settled at room temperature. You can also place it in the fridge to accelerate its cooling. If it does not resume to a whip, it will be a "balm" which is just as wonderful for your skin! A smaller amount will just go further .If your tallow travels in freezing temperatures and arrives hard, let it settle at room temperature as well.

Because tallow and the other oils we use are low in PUFA's (polyunsaturated fatty acids (having more than one double bond), they are stable when exposed to heat, light and oxygen. Most skincare products contain PUFA's that have gone rancid when exposed to oxygen (the air) or on your skin when you are in the sun or exposed to indoor lighting (light + heat). This promotes free radical damage that can lead to aging and other health issues.

Because of the nature of tallow and the other ingredients we use (being rich in Vitamin E) they have a natural preservative and therefore has a long shelf life and superb stability. One year is our recommended keep time, if it is left sealed in a cool dark spot.

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