boo boo balm / herbal remedy

boo boo balm / herbal remedy

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Our herbal tallow Boo Boo Balm is a wholesome blend of ancient remedies designed to draw, soothe and mend. Medicinal herbs of plantain, calendula, lemon balm, yarrow and chickweed are richly infused in a base of our house rendered tallow, jojoba oil and beeswax and blended with colloidal oats (10%) and kaolin clay to calm inflammation, irritation and relieve itchiness. The herbs and clay in this formula have also been shown to deter insects, making it a natural repellent. 

To use: Apply a small amount as soon as possible to cut, scrape, rash or bug bite and reapply throughout the day.

Ingredients: grassfinished tallow*, cold-processed jojoba oil*, beeswax*, colloidal oatmeal*, kaolin clay*, plantain*, calendula*, lemon balm*, yarrow*, chickweed*, vitamin e*


comes in a 2oz metal tin can

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