Why Tallow

Thousands of years ago our ancestors discovered the powerful healing ability of tallow. To them, it only made sense to utilize every last bit of an animal they were going to survive off of. They used it for soap, candles, dietary nourishment and on their skin to provide moisture and healing. Little did they know, it is rich in Vitamins A, B12, E, K and D as well as oleic, palmitic, and stearic acid. Tallow is the closest oil to your skin's sebum, actually deriving its name from the Latin word meaning "sebum". This gives it the ability to restore our natural oil balance, whether you have dry or oily prone skin.

What is truly spectacular about tallow as a skin moisturizer, is its stability from being a saturated fat. What you may not realize is, virtually all "natural" or even "organic" skincare products you will find, are harmful due to their PUFA content (poly unsaturated fatty acids). If you are unfamiliar with which fats are PUFA's, it is essentially most seed or plant oils. The problem is, even if organic, they are unstable due to their chemical structure having more than one double bond. When they are exposed to oxygen, light or heat, they can go rancid and create free radicals which can lead to aging, hormone disregulation, and many health issues (when consumed through your diet OR your largest organ-your skin!).
As you can see, the incredible properties of tallow has landed it my superstar ingredient in the Tallow Whip. When combined with Jojoba oil (actually a wax), you have an almost entirely PUFA free product, safe for any skin type!  A long forgotten tradition of nose to tail nourishment must come back into our everyday lives if we want to reconnect with our previous wild selves and nature’s perfect balance.