Behind the Hive

Hi-I’m Haley! Eleven years ago I did a deep-dive into the world of natural health and became a student of the Earth and it’s miraculous tools. I quickly realized that we are inundated with products full of toxins and inorganic substances at every turn, and it’s causing a myriad of health crises. If there was something I could do to protect the body God blessed me with, it was to become a homemaker of natural things. I wanted to know and appreciate every ingredient that I used or consumed. In that, I learned the art of rewilding is like peeling back the layers of an onion, it is a journey of reconnecting with the instincts we were instilled with and discovering nature yearns for harmony. During this journey I went on to become a mother and the importance of protecting our “hive” became that much more vital. 

Wanting the best nourishment for my family’s skin, I ended up creating whipped tallow balms. I couldn’t find an affordable, safe product that I could put my trust in-so I found the highest quality tallow and created the most effective moisturizer I’d ever used. Living in a dry mountain climate after growing up in the humidity of South Texas, this creation was magical! I had to share it with others and I’m honored to have that opportunity now. I handcraft each and every batch in-house, on the foothills of the Colorado Rockies.